Understanding our children's skin

The skin of an infant is thinner and more fragile than that of an adult. It therefore needs special protection and care.

The skin of a baby is 5 times thinner than that of an adult, therefore, the protective barrier function is limited.

An infant's skin is less resistant to microbial, physical and chemical aggressions. This is why there are products adapted to children!

How does the skin evolve during childhood?

Like a child, the skin matures with age.

From birth to about 6 years old, the skin is thinner and less pigmented than that of an adult. The glands responsible for protection are less active than in adults.

By age 6, the skin structure is just maturing and is similar to that of an adult.

How to take care of the skin of children and infants?

☁️ Use gentle cleansers

🛁 Limit bathing time: hot water and long baths remove lipids from the skin and therefore deprive it of protection

🩹 Care: moisturize regularly with products tested and approved for sensitive skin

☀️ Protect: young skin should be given special protection against UV rays

Chouette Paris products are tested and approved for use on children over 3 years old. The line includes cleansing and moisturizing products suitable from the age of 3. 🌿

Do not hesitate to discover them on our website!

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