Inside Chouette: Educating our children about ecology 🌍

At Chouette, we want to commit ourselves to our beautiful planet 🌍

So, raising awareness for future generations seems paramount to us! 👨👩👧👦

What are the steps to take to educate our little ones so that they become perfect little greenies? 🌱

Some tips on how to teach your little ones responsibly!

Teach your kids everyday green actions like:

-Turning off the light when leaving a room 💡

-Avoiding wasting water and food 💧

-Don't use too much paper...📃

-Sort waste/ Differentiate trash cans🚮

-Encourage walking for short trips 🚶🏻

Consume responsibly

Easily, you can implement small everyday actions that will teach your children to respect the planet and its environment. 🌲

Avoid the consumption of plastic, favor seasonal vegetables and fruits 🥕 or organic farming and preferably choose vegetables in bulk to avoid plastic. Finally, make sure to avoid overconsumption of clothes, books and toys.

Participate as a family in actions to protect the environment

As a family, you can take your children on an outing to collect waste. Today they are unfortunately present everywhere but everyone at his or her level can give a helping hand to the earth to clean it up. 🍂

Moreover, it is a real educational outing. Discovering wildlife allows kids to look at the animals, insects and greenery in our landscapes. 🦋🌲

Offering nature-related activities to the very young

With the goal of limiting store purchases, encouraging children to create their own vegetable garden gives them a sense of responsibility and helps to look after the earth's ecology. 🌍

Then, they will be proud to eat their own fruits and vegetables after taking care of them. Plus, they'll know all about the life cycle of plants, so they'll be able to impress their friends at recess! 💪

Give books and games to educate kids about ecology

Theme books are a great way to educate your kids about ecology!

There are many books out there about many different topics. 📚

You can find books designed to teach and instill respect for the environment in little ones.

However there are not only books that exist, many games are designed specifically for this cause. 🌱

You will find in bookstores, stores or even garden centers, books or games dedicated to this topic.

The whole family can participate! A cool way to get together and share a moment together. ❤️👨👩👧👦


We hope these Tips can be useful to you! 👍🏻

Ecology is a topic that concerns us all 👫

So let's think about protecting our one and only blue planet 🌍

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