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Ingredient Highlight: Orange Blossom🍊

Updated: Apr 28

🌞Orange blossom, also called “Neroli”, named after the town of Nerola, originates from the bitter orange tree and is used in both cosmetics and cooking for its many benefits.

The small white flower found on the tree are particularly appreciated for their sweet fragrance, but also for its many properties and virtues, which makes it a valuable health and beauty product.

The health benefits of orange blossom are numerous, some of which we have listed below:

  • Helps reduce anxiety and difficulty sleeping

  • Provides hydration for hair and skin

🌼 Using a simplistic method with respect for the environment, the enriched soap is made with organic olive oil and coconut oil. It is the ideal skincare product to maintain the softness of children’s skin. Naturally rich in Glycerin and enriched with organic shea butter, the soap leaves skin supple with a subtle, clean scent.

Each soap is handmade with care and love by our soap specialists in the South of France. All of our vegetable oils are cold pressed, certified organic, and of the highest quality🍀

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