Ingredient focus: Shea butter, a beauty ally 🌱

Today we meet again for an article "Focus ingredient" on the shea. Present in the composition of our products, it is an ingredient that has a thousand virtues! 🌱

Native to the African continent, shea comes from a tree that grows on the dry soils of the savannah, whose longevity can reach 3 centuries! The harvest takes place from June to September. Its fruit resembles an avocado, consisting of a pulp and an almond. 🥑

Traditionally, shea butter is recovered through its kernels which are crushed, then roasted, ground and finally reduced to a paste. To eliminate its

"imperfections", the paste obtained is immersed in water. The manufacture of butter is finalized by its kneading and cooking. 🔥

This butter is composed of vitamins A, D and E but also of fatty acids which have the same properties as the intercellular lipids which protect our skin. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties. You will discover the multitude of its actions! ❤️

Discover our 100% Shea Butter

🌞 Being a fat, its powers are regenerating, soothing, softening, protective and anti-aging. You can find this plant butter in various forms, such as cream, lotion or butter.

Its precious ingredients help to maintain the skin's elasticity because it stimulates the production of collagen. In addition, its properties help to combat brown spots.

The little extra

Our vegetable butter is made in France 🇫🇷, it is non-tested on animals and does not contain components of animal origin. It is organic, refined and deodorized. It complies with the European regulation 🇪🇺

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