How to reduce waste in the bathroom?

Are you tired of having to empty your bathroom garbage can all the time? You would like to reduce your waste?

Chouette Paris is here to give you its best advice!

1. Use washable cotton pads: Usually sold in kits of organic cotton pads, they are used in the same way as disposable cotton pads. The only difference is that they are ready to be used again.

2. Solid products: as you know, at Chouette, we love solid products. It's the best way to reduce your packaging waste and is more economical! A Chouette Paris Solid Shampoo corresponds to 2 bottles of 250 ml! You get a quality product but also ecological. A solid product contains much less packaging and can be packaged in cartons, easier to recycle!

3. Buy glass products and compostable packaging: even if they are not 100% waste-free, these products have fully recyclable packaging! Glass recycles much better than plastic and is more sustainable. You can also reuse them in the future for your own products.

4. Favour reusable accessories: just like cotton pads, there are many reusable beauty accessories today such as razors, reusable cotton buds. This allows you to considerably reduce the waste in your bathroom!


The entire Chouette Paris line is made with 100% recyclable packaging and printed with vegetable inks! 🌿


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