Cold Saponification 🧼 What is it?

To create our famous Organic Superfatted Soft Soap, we use cold saponification.

Today, we decided to tell you a little more about this method which allows us to obtain a qualitative product!

Saponification is a fairly slow reaction at room temperature. It consists in mixing fatty substances and soda at a temperature between 27° and 45° until a paste is obtained. The paste is then placed in molds for 24 hours so that the soap hardens.

Soaps made with this method are naturally rich in glycerin, produced during the saponification reaction. It will bring softness and moisturizing properties to the soap.

Saponification allows to keep the maximum properties of the elements included in the soap such as vegetable oils or shea butter present in the Chouette Paris Superfatted Soft Soap!

To summarize...

Cold saponification allows us to create a 100% natural solid soap that is both very moisturizing thanks to the glycerin naturally contained in the product during the process and at the same time supergreasy, thanks to the addition of organic virgin oils during the process.

This allows to obtain a product with amplified properties!

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