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Chouette product: Our Organic Citrus Toothpaste 🍊

Brushing your teeth becomes child's play!

Chouette toothpaste is a fresh and organic gel adapted to the brushing of the teeth of the children (+7 years). Its low-abrasive formula based on plant sugars (xylitol and sorbitol) acts effectively against cavities and dental plaque. Rich in natural extracts of clementine and grapefruit, the Chouette toothpaste gives clean teeth, a healthy and refreshed mouth. Thanks to its pump bottle, your little ones will be more responsible


💡 Did you know ?

An overdose of Fluoride can prevent tooth enamel from forming normally in children (dental fluorosis).

The result...teeth come out with porous enamel and whitish demineralization lines, which later can turn brown.

The + product

99.3% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

25.6 % of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

0% Fluorine - 0% Fragrance - 0% Dye

Our packaging is made of PET plastic, infinitely recyclable and printed with vegetable ink


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