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Chouette Product: Orange blossom surgras soap 🍊

100% Natural and cold saponified, our surgras soap is the one you'll need!😉

Made using a traditional, environmentally friendly method from organic olive oil and coconut oil, the superfatted soap is an ideal skin care product for children's soft skin. ❤️

Naturally rich in Glycerin and enriched with organic shea butter, it leaves the skin soft and lightly scented. 🌷

Naturally produced glycerin and oils in surgras provide the moisturizing and ultra-nourishing properties to the soap.

Each soap is handmade with care and love by our master soap makers in our workshops in the South of France. All of our vegetable oils are cold-pressed, certified organic and recognized for their qualities ⭐

Cold saponification, what is it?

Cold saponification is an artisanal and environmentally friendly manufacturing method that preserves the benefits of oils and plants. 🌿

Our soap is composed of:

🌾Organic coconut oil (from the pressure of fresh coconut pulp): Moisturizing and nourishing oil.

🌾Organic olive oil: Brings hydration and softness

🌾Organic shea butter: Nourishing, moisturizing oil

🌾Organ oil: Nourishing and protective

🌻 Organic sunflower oil: Nourishing and soothing

The + Product


✩ Palm oil free

✩ Without parabens

✩ Cold saponified handmade soap

✩ Certified organic vegetable oils

✩ Natural dyes

✩ Recyclable packaging ♻️

✩ Perfume of Grasse

✩ Made in France

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